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From the heart of Germany, we bring you the finest specialized baby food products straight to the USA. With years of experience and a deep understanding of high-quality baby nutrition, we're not just sellers; we're experts in our field. Our mission? To offer you and your little one only the very best. Trust, quality, and expertise – these are the pillars upon which our business is built. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

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Guidelines for Mixing Powdered Formulas:

1. Always use water that has been freshly boiled for each feeding and let it cool to 120°F (50°C) before adding formula.

2. Pour 2/3 of the required boiled water into a sterilized bottle.

3. Utilizing the scoop supplied in your formula package (be aware that scoop sizes can differ among brands and lots), measure the appropriate number of scoops, ensuring they are level. Follow the general guideline of 1 level scoop of powder for every 1oz/30ml of water.

4. Secure the bottle with its nipple and cap, then shake well until the powder is fully dissolved.

5. Introduce the rest of the water and shake again.

6. Cool the formula to a suitable drinking temperature (around 98°F or 37°C). Always check the formula's temperature prior to feeding to ensure your baby's safety.

Critical Reminders:

- Always utilize the scoop that comes with your formula package.
- Maintain the formula's consistency as directed, avoiding any extra water or scoops. Do not introduce any additives.
- Make sure the formula is freshly prepared for each feeding; do not prep ahead of time. Consume immediately and dispose of any leftovers after feeding.
- Microwaving a bottle can create uneven hot spots, leading to burns; avoid this method.
- Once opened, formula remains good for up to 21 days. Always adhere to the expiration date, which is formatted in the European style: day/month/year on the package.
- Store away from excessive heat and humidity.

How is the longevity and expiry date determined for your products?

We ensure that every formula we offer has a minimum of six months before reaching its expiry date. When managing our inventory, we adhere to the 'first in, first out' principle. Our significant daily order volume necessitates frequent restocking with new batches of baby formula each week. This guarantees that our products have a minimal stay in our warehouse, essentially being dispatched soon after production by the manufacturers. You can locate the expiry date at the base of each container or box, presented in the European format: day/month/year.

Can I combine your formulas with breast milk?

Indeed, numerous parents find themselves complementing breast milk with formula, be it due to personal choices or medical circumstances. It's a frequent practice to mix breast milk with formula. All our formula products are suitable for this purpose.